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Lower School Teacher Pages

Buckwalter, Eileen Jr. K ebuckwalter@haverford.org
Murray, Rosalee Jr. K Assistant rmurray@haverford.org
Bowman, Julie Jr. K Assistant jbowman@haverford.org
Hoffman, Dawn K dhoffman@haverford.org
May, Amy K Assistant amay@haverford.org
Goins, Carla K cgoins@haverford.org
Fay, Tayler K Assistant tfay@haverford.org
Jones, Katie K Assistant kjones@haverford.org
Sheehan, Erin K esheehan@haverford.org
Higgins, Jennifer 1 jhiggins@haverford.org
Gallagher, Mary Lou 1 mgallagher@haverford.org
Wagner, Jackie 1 jwagner@haverford.org
Sweeney, Marie 2 msweeney@haverford.org
Saunders, Cheryl 2 csaunders@haverford.org
Evangelous, Liz 2 eevangelous@haverford.org
Thorburn, Kate 3 kthorburn@haverford.org
Heavey, Patricia 3 pheavey@haverford.org
Gavin, Deb 3 dgavin@haverford.org
Kearney, Michael
4 mkearney@haverford.org
Henrich, Rebecca 4 rhenrich@haverford.org
Barton, Sara 4 sbarton@haverford.org
5th Grade Site 5th Grade
Hamilton, Cynthia 5 chamilton@haverford.org
Joloza, Cheryl 5 cjoloza@haverford.org
Lignore, Joe 5 jlignore@haverford.org
Allman, Rob 5 rallman@haverford.org
Laird, Sue Reading Specialist slaird@haverford.org
Campbell, Maia Reading Specialist mcampbell@haverford.org
Fink, Antonio Art afink@haverford.org
Waring, Jenny Art jwaring@haverford.org
Thomas, Nancy Library nthomas@haverford.org
Case, Duane Music dcase@haverford.org
Case, Valerie Music vcase@haverford.org
Pulaski, Anna Music K apulaski@haverford.org
Palmer, Bill Science wpalmer@haverford.org
Castell, Bob Phys. Ed. rcastell@haverford.org
Martin, Brian Phys. Ed. bmartin@haverford.org
Vanni, P.J. Phys. Ed. pvanni@haverford.org
Brown, Jay Lower School Dean jbrown@haverford.org
Luongo, Carol Ann Learning Specialist cluongo@haverford.org
Touey, Teresa Lower School Assistant ttouey@haverford.org
Duska, Ron Lower School Head rduska@haverford.org