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  • Desmond Tutu

    Headmaster Reflection: 2015 IBSC Conference

    By Dr. John Nagl, Ninth Headmaster

    I arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 4, Independence Day, for the International Boys' School Coalition annual conference. I did not expect to see such illustrations of the value of freedom and the strength of character of a nation struggling to recover from apartheid, but I found the experience profoundly moving.

  • "Young Love" and the Norman Mailer Literary Award

    By Tom Stambaugh, Upper School English

    When Norman Mailer visited the School to offer the Hallowell Literary Lecture in 2000, he encouraged then-Headmaster Joe Cox to offer an award "to the best piece of fiction written during the school year." The literary essay remains a staple of the curriculum, but the English Department is equally interested in fostering personal and creative writing. We find that boys' interest in writing lean, memorable sentences is much higher when they have a personal stake in the matter. The English Department selected "Young Love" by Ethan DeLehman '16 as the 2014-15 winner of the Norman Mailer Literary Award.

  • Stream of Consciousketch: stop motion video

    Jenny Waring, Lower School art teacher

    "Stream of Consciousketch" is a stop motion video I made to help my students see that nothing is permanent when you have a pencil and eraser in hand.

  • 25 Things All Men Must Know: senior seminar

    By Bill Brady, Director of Leadership

    Launched for the 2014-15 school year, "25 Things All Men Must Know" is a senior seminar designed to teach boys practical skills and provide an enriching experience. Students and faculty submitted ideas for the seminar, with the "25 Things" ranging from handwriting to plumbing. Here, we talk to Director of Leadership and course creator Bill Brady.

  • Empathy: can you teach it?

    By Jini Loos, director of service learning

    Empathy: can you teach it? The answer is yes and no. You can certainly teach “about’ empathy, but empathy, like character, is better grown than told.

  • Photo courtesy of Where There Be Dragons

    China immersion experience

    This month, our Chinese teacher Gary Kan and Assistant Headmaster Mark Thorburn are traveling to China with a group of 12 Haverford School boys. They have taken part in three pre-travel sessions to discuss the differences between being an American tourist and a world traveler, and in reading to better understand Chinese culture, history, and language. Follow the group's blog here.

  • Things you need to know to work at a boys’ school

    By Matt Green, Head of Upper School

    Gentle, structured competition motivates many boys, bringing out the best in them. Aggressive, unstructured competition will bring out the worst in them.

    Your boys will more readily take risks in an all-boys environment than in coed classrooms. Being smart, participating in class, writing poetry … are not girls’ things or boys’ things at a boys’ school; they’re just things.

  • Full STEAM ahead

    By Holly Golecki, Upper School science teacher and Tom Trocano

    The Haverford Upper School Science Department recently hosted the inaugural STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Day. Here, we get the scoop from Upper School science teachers Holly Golecki and Tom Trocano.

  • ~Ripple Effect

    By Nancy Agati, Middle School art teacher

    I presented a community carving public art event as part of the FLUID 2015 exhibition at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art at Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island on Saturday, May 2. The large-scale, circular wooden sculpture is entitled "~Ripple Effect." Patterns from the movement of water along the bay at Snug Harbor will serve as the surface imagery to be carved into each segment of the circular form.

  • Home Run Derby benefits prostate and testicular cancer research

    Led by Major Tepper and James McConnon, The Haverford School Student Service Board held its 10th annual Home Run Derby between students and faculty/staff to raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer research. More>

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