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  • Philadelphia Day 2016

    Whether they traveled 10 miles down the road into the city, or hundreds of years into the past through a simulation on campus, the III, IV and V Forms learned about Philadelphia’s history and culture on May 18.

  • Capturing the Brass Ring

    Jay Greytok '83, Head of Middle School

    The warmer temperatures of this time of year invite creative thoughts of June, July, and August fun as well as reminders of the excitement of the Jersey shore. As a child, I was lucky my grandparents owned a small home near the beach. It provided our family a place to stay, and a young boy more opportunities for distraction than should be allowed by law. I often left home at dawn only to return for food and sleep. For a kid, it was paradise. Happily, many of the activities from 40 years ago still remain, but one practice that is no longer present is the chance to ride the merry-go-round and capture the brass ring.

  • Hallowell Lecturer Natasha Trethewey Spurs Contemplation of Race and Identity

    On May 2, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Natasha Trethewey delivered a poignant and emotional reading on the topics of race, history, and family. She spent the following day with Upper School students, discussing the art of poetry and spurring conversations about race and identity.

  • Dr. Fader

    Talking Predictive Analytics, Arithmetic Geometry, and Risk Management with Industry Experts

    The Mathematics Department strives to produce young men who can analyze and interpret data to make good decisions in business, political science, medicine and academia. To that end, we recently welcomed several renowned mathematicians to showcase their talents with calculus and statistics students.

  • In 40 minutes we ...

    During any given 40 minute class period, our extraordinary educators are teaching incredible lessons. Learning the "eco-nomics" of recycling in first grade, designing mazes in Middle School art, and exploring the trade routes along the Silk Road, our students are engaged in myriad discoveries each and every day. Here are a few highlights from our classrooms on a typical day.

  • Longtime Haverford School wrestling coach Neil Buckley inducted into Delaware County Athletes Hall of Fame

    Neil Buckley, Haverford School wrestling coach for 47 years and teacher for 48, was inducted into the Delaware County Athletes Hall of Fame (posthumously) on April 17. More>

  • My Haverford experience: by Honor Day speaker Aaron MacLean

    Aaron MacLean

    Aaron MacLean, managing editor of the Washington Free Beacon, combat Marine veteran, and a Next Generation National Security Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, spoke to students as part of Haverford's 2016 Honor Day. In this blog post, MacLean reflects on the leadership exhibited by students, the teaching excellence demonstrated by faculty, and the healthy debate and discussion surrounding politics and foreign policy issues.

  • 18th annual Edward R. Hallowell Literary Lecture: recent Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey

    The 18th annual Edward R. Hallowell Literary Lecture will be held on Monday, May 2 at 7 p.m. and feature award-winning, recent Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey. Trethewey will introduce and read a selection of poems on a number of topics, including family, history, and race.

  • Building bridges: Esperanza and Haverford

    By Matt Green, Head of Upper School

    I recently accompanied about 40 juniors, along with history teachers Ms. Turlish and Ms. Heed, to Esperanza Academy, a high-performing charter school serving a largely Hispanic community in North Philadelphia. The trip was part of a burgeoning partnership Haverford and Esperanza are currently developing, a chief goal of which is to build bridges between communities and promote cross-cultural understanding.

  • Mock Trial: experiential education at its finest

    By Matt Green, Head of Upper School

    On March 8, having emerged from a competitive field of 29 school teams to reach the finals, Haverford’s Mock Trial Team One finished a close second in the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division State-Wide Mock Trial Competition.


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