Going for (LEED) Gold

The Haverford School built Montgomery County's first LEED Gold certified building. Haverford's Upper School building makes a clear statement regarding our community's commitment to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and making decisions that show foresight with regard to renewable resources and environmental stewardship.

Sustainability Alliance & Micro-Finance Club

That spirit was exemplified when a group of students decided to establish the Sustainability Alliance. With faculty support, the students in the Sustainability Alliance planned and implemented a system where recyclable paper is collected weekly from all three divisions and deposited in a receptacle in the Lower School parking lot. Periodic pickups are made by PaperRetriever Recycling and the school receives cash based on the weight of the paper collected. These funds are used to support the Micro-Finance Club which, in turn, makes small loans to individuals and small companies all over the world.

The Sustainability Alliance plans to expand their efforts next year by implementing similar programs for other categories of recyclables. They want to ensure that all the materials our community can recycle are being handled appropriately, while continuing to convey the message that recycling is important and worth the time and effort required to make it happen.

Facilities & Maintenance

The Sodexo team at Haverford is committed to developing and implementing new and more effective ways of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, promoting responsible waste management, and reducing the use of toxic chemicals. We’re also working to create and advance new models of sustainable community development. Our ability to promote the well-being of people and the planet is possible only because of the work we do in partnership with our clients.

Next Steps

The School is engaged in feasibility studies for utilizing solar energy panels. The Sustainability Alliance, along with a team of faculty and staff are looking for ways to reduce energy and waste at the School and will be speaking with members of college and university sustainability groups about the initiatives they have in place that could work for Haverford.

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The Learning Garden   

The Learning Garden is a project started by Jini Loos, Director of Service Learning. Lower and Middle School students work on a variety of projects associated with the garden located behind the Lower School in the Quad.

Lower School students use the garden as an outdoor laboratory to watch how the plants grow and change.  

Middle School students tend the garden and learn about botany and binomial nomenclature.