Theater at Haverford

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Haverford drama is inclusive, supportive, safe, alive, and in the present. When we do theater, we put our own stamp on the work in our own unique way. Play the story, be the story – change the world!

– Matt Cloran, former Theater Department Chair

At Haverford, you can get hands-on experience in every aspect of theater. In addition to acting, you can try your hand at sound design or set design, you can take care of costumes, design and work with lighting using our computerized light board, or be a stage manager. You also have the opportunity to write, direct, cast, and produce your very own play to be performed for the whole school.

The dramatic arts are a part of the curriculum in all divisions. Drama-specific courses are offered in the Middle and Upper School, and there is a vibrant and active extracurricular theater program with many opportunities to perform in a variety of productions. Haverford's Centennial Hall is also a popular venue for production companies outside the School.

With so much going on, there's sure to be some sort of production or drama event happening soon, so keep an eye on the upcoming events calendar, no matter what part – or seat in the audience – you plan to take!


Darren Hengst
Drama Department Chair
610-642-3020, x1386

Past performing arts groups include:

  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • Philadelphia Chamber Music Society
  • Concerto Soloists Orchestra (Chamber Orchestra of Phila)
  • Academy of Vocal Arts
  • The Music Group of Philadelphia
  • The Philadelphia Classical Symphony
  • The Pennsylvania Orchestra
  • Bel Canto Lyric Opera
  • Singing City Choir
  • Vox Renaissance Consort
  • Temple University Symphony
  • Temple University Opera
  • Lundaspexarna, University of Sweden
  • The State Choir of Armenia
  • The Pennsylvania Opera Theatre
  • The Korean Musician's Association
  • National Harmony A Cappella Festival