Our aim must be to turn out children for whom music, good music, is a necessity of life.

– Zoltán Kodály

The Music department at Haverford provides a wealth of experiences in active music making, from Junior Kindergarten through grade 12. Students sing, dance, play percussion instruments, study guitar, use equipment on the cutting edge of music technology to orchestrate, arrange, compose music, and study the works of the master composers. They perform in orchestras, choirs, and select vocal and instrumental ensembles. As musicians/music educators who love children, we strive to share our love of our art and the joy and enrichment it can provide our students.

Program & philosophy
Our music program is rich and varied. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in music at Haverford!

The benefits of Haverford music education extend far beyond the aesthetic and the social. Through their musical study, students learn the value of practice, repetition, memorization, and the ability to recognize patterns.  Learn more > 
Haverford boasts an outstanding music faculty. They are experienced, dynamic, love to work with boys, and they are each professional performers in their own right.  Learn more >


John Stroud
Music Department Chair
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Danielle Garrett
Administrative Assistant
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Downloads & Samples

Good Ol' Acappella
The Notables
The Notables feat. Stuart Ambrose