After School Enrichment

The Enrichment Program consists of weekly, topical activities like those listed below. Parents should register their boys for these additional cost programs on the enclosed registration form. The fee for each program includes the cost of any additional materials that may be necessary and is listed at the end of the program description.

Please note the age group limitations on individual programs. Boys who are not registered for the Haverford Center pay a fee of $275 per enrichment session. Students who are registered for the Haverford Center pay a $225 fee for each enrichment session. The classes run from 3:30-4:15 p.m. Classes begin the week of Sept. 16 and end the week of Nov. 18. 


Instructor: Mr. Porter

Boys will learn the fundamentals of playing hockey, such as passing and stick-handling in a non-contact format. Players will also be able to display their skills in team games. Each activity in this session will help the boys learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and a better understanding of the sport.

Grades 1-2 | Tuesdays - 10 Weeks


Instructor: Ms. Broadhurst

Kick Ball is a fun game that incorporates several gross motor skills.  The boys will be running, kicking, and catching. Kick ball is also a team sport that will help the boys to further learn to work as a group, as well as an individually. We promote good sportsmanship and encourage the boys to try their best.

Grades K-1 | Tuesdays – 10 Weeks 


Instructor: Mr. Schaaf 

Wrestling enrichment is designed to introduce the boys to one of the world's oldest competitive sports. We will be learning the rules and basic moves of wrestling in a highly active and energetic environment. Our experience will be high contact, low impact, as we learn to use and control our bodies in new ways with a mind to taking good care of both ourselves and our opponents. Boys of all sizes and experiences will easily be accommodated and will work with partners similar to themselves so that everyone has a chance to learn and participate on equal terms.


Grades 3-5 (participation cap: 24 boys) | Tuesdays – 10 Weeks


Instructors: Mr. Lignore

Chess Club is an opportunity for boys to learn how to play chess. While enjoying chess, the boys will have the opportunity to practice sportsmanship, patience, and social graces and interactions.

Grades K-5 | Tuesdays - 10 weeks


Instructor: Mrs. Bowman

Workshops teach children do-it-yourself skills, tool safety, and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. Hands on workshops are created for students in k-3. Students will first learn basic carpentry skills and safety procedures, then they will build four different models including: a sailboat, race car, jet craft and an antique train. Each model will be customized by the builder with paint and decals. The projects will go home with students upon completion and a certificate of achievement will be awarded to each student at the end of the program.


Grades K-3 | Tuesdays – 10 Weeks 


Instructors: Ms. Joloza

This is an “enriched” enrichment. This year’s team will be competing
in local competitions. Team members will be expected to put in time
beyond the regular enrichment time researching, building, and competing. This year’s FLL Robotics theme is Nature’s Fury! If you are a builder, programmer, designer or writer then this enrichment is for you. We will be using the format provided by FLL to embark upon a very unique learning adventure. Team members will strategize, build and program an autonomous robot. The challenge this year is for teams to come up with technology based, innovative solutions that real-world first responders and  scientists might find helpful in protecting people from the wrath of nature’s fury. No programming skills necessary! Onward!


Grades 4-5 | Tuesdays - 10 weeks 


Instructor: Ms. Joloza  

“Disaster Blaster” - Robotics team theme is Natural Disasters!               

This enrichment course will be full of unlimited learning and fun! The boys will use their creativity and technology tools at The Haverford School to design and create unique projects!  We will take the learning by doing and designing stance throughout this enrichment session. The boys will use various programming tools to create a project and model that will focus on natural disasters! They will have an opportunity to collaborate will students throughout the US working on this challenge. This is an incredible opportunity for our digital natives to sharpen their technological fluency. Last year’s team received a special invitation to attend the World’s Festival in Saint Louis, Missouri!   

Grades 1-3 | Wednesdays – 10 Weeks 



Instructors: Ms. Murray & Mrs. Broadhurst

The teacher will have weekly activities for the boy that involves literature and cooking. For example they will begin the session by reading a book to the group, a book that involves food in some way. We will then prepare the food and discuss how it relates to the book we just read. The boys will then be able to enjoy an afternoon snack.

Grades JrK-K | Wednesdays – 10 Weeks


Instructor: Mrs. Higgins

Learn social skills and game strategy with Mrs. Higgins. Boys will begin each session with a story or mini-lesson about friendship, and then learn how to play a variety of games, while meeting new friends and having fun!  There will be an emphasis on being kind and respectful to others and encouraging each other, which are important life skills for our growing boys!

Grades K-2 | Wednesdays - 10 weeks


Instructor: Mr. Porter

Students will break up into teams and play flag football under the direction of their instructor Emphasis will be on having fun, passing, catching, and teamwork.

Grades 1-2 Thursdays - 10 Weeks        

Grades 3-5 | Wednesdays - 10 Weeks


Instructors: Mrs. Bowman & Mrs. Thomas

This program will teach students about the responsibilities of caring for animals while giving them a sense of compassion for living things. Opportunities for direct interaction with animals will teach safe and proper methods for approaching domestic animals. Participants will also learn training methods, the positive effects of animal socialization and the various functions that shelters and clinics serve in our area. An outreach program created by student members of the Haverford School Humane Society will aid a local shelter, while teaching students to become mentors and role models in their own community.

Grades 1-4 Thursdays - 10 Weeks                                      



Instructors: Dr. Luongo

Whether you are sharp in math or not, Math Club is a time to play around with numbers using either online action packed math games such as 3-D Sudoku and The Brain Game or challenging board games. Members can create math games of their own, tap their inner calculator and have some fun with numbers.

Grades 3-5 | Thursdays - 10 Weeks    


Instructors: Mrs. Jones

Students will use different sized Legos and the Lego computer program to construct a variety of structures (ie, bridges, road maps, skyscrapers, rocket ships, airplanes, houses, a neighborhood, etc).  Literacy will often be incorporated to help students understand the detail required in creating particular buildings

Grades JrK-K Thursdays - 10 Weeks                                      


The LEGO Club
The LEGO Club