Information Technology

"Technology plays a critical role in 21st century learning. In support of the school’s mission, we strive to equip the Haverford community with current, high quality and secure technology-based services. We seek to provide a learning environment which enhances the classroom experience, improves educational outcomes, and stimulates the growing connection between technology and learning. With the goal of preparing young men to live and work in a dynamic global society, we use state-of-the-art resources to provide the most effective and efficient technology solutions for managing the business of schooling."

In the Fall of 2014, we embarked on a major network infrastructure upgrade that will provide high-performance connectivity throughout all campus buildings and support for a 1:1 deployment of wireless devices, as well as the numerous mobile devices, Apple TVs, video conferencing, email and file sharing, and increased video streaming happening across the campus. We will be supporting a campus wide 10 Gigabit fiber-optic network with AC wireless capability in all campus buildings. We offer Internet access at the 200 Mb bandwidth level, and Internet II video-conference equipment in a conference room or via a mobile cart. Our servers support a campus wide SIS database, LMS (learning management system), networked software applications, home directories, and print and scanning services for all employees. We offer a cloud solution for email, calendaring, and document sharing. A new voice over Internet phone system allows us to offer digital telephone service from all classrooms, offices, and mechanical spaces. We also support mobile communication devices for the administration and staff.

Each classroom is equipped with a phone, interactive whiteboard, mounted projector, speakers, and a computer for each faculty member. In classrooms, boys have access to a variety of digital tools to curate information, think critically, collaborate globally, create presentations, and contribute to society.

The Lower School has two computer labs and a 1:1 ratio of students and devices using chromebook and PC laptop carts. We have implemented an iPad pilot program in our first grade classrooms. 

The Middle School is equipped with six chromebook carts and eight PC laptop carts for use in 6th grade through Form II. Form II students are also invited to participate in our BYOD program (Bring Your Own Device). The art and music classrooms are equipped with iMacs for multimedia and music composition projects.

In the Fall of 2014, we implemented a mandatory BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program in The Upper School. We provide short and long term device loaners as needed. We maintain a multimedia lab in the Art Department with 16 iMacs. There are additional PC laptop carts in the Math and Science Departments for student use. 

The Tech Team also provides technical support for staff and administration in their use of meeting rooms, A/V equipment, application software, and communication devices.


The Tech Team 

Help Desk:
Andrea Drinkwine
Director of Technology
610-642-3020, x1396

Diane Joganich
School Database Administrator
610-642-3020, x1478

Sallie Michalsky 

Software Systems Specialist
610-642-3020, x1287

Matt Olson 
Technology Services Coordinator
610-642-3020, x1279

Paul Steinberger
Network Administrator
610-642-3020, x1263