Decision Education

A quality that The Haverford School seeks to develop in each of its graduates is to think critically and communicate effectively. Our school-wide focus on decision skills helps us fulfill this mission goal. We believe that:

  • We can learn and teach decision skills
  • Decision making is a fundamental element of character education and leadership
  • While decision making is always about the future, we benefit from careful reflection on past decisions – especially failures
  • Intentional exploration of a common decision language and practice improves critical thinking and communication
  • In all academic disciplines, athletic offerings, and activities, teachers and coaches have opportunities to help students understand, practice, and improve decision skills
  • All students should achieve competency in basic decision skills before they graduate
Basic Decision Skills include:
  • Six Elements of a Quality Decision: frame, values, alternatives, information, reasoning, commitment to follow through
  • Decision Process
  • Uncertainty in Decision Making – the relationship between decisions and outcomes
  • Decision Fitness (including Stop-Think-Decide)
  • Declaring a Decision
  • Balancing Head and Heart – good decisions make sense and feel right
  • Behavioral Traps and Biases
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Decision Education Spotlight

Members of the DECA team discuss how decision-making skills contributed to their success.