Health Services

Physical and mental health significantly influences one's ability to participate fully in the School community. The Health Center strives to enhance each student's well being by insuring that each student has a comprehensive, confidential health care plan. The Health Center provides direct quality care to students with acute illnesses and minor injuries; preventative services; health education and effective crisis response.
We are members of the National Association of School Nurses, The Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses, and the Independent School Health Association and The American Red Cross. 

Information about 2014-15 Health Forms

A Health History and Permission Form is required annually for all boys. It is due on March 3. Please fill it out and send it in today.

A Student Physical AssessmentForm is required for every boy every year. It is due on the month of your son’s birthday, or on the anniversary of your son’s last physical examination.  

A Physician Order for Prescription Medication is required for any boy who needs to have prescription medication kept at school. (EpiPen, inhaler, insulin, etc.) 

A Dental Exam Form is required for boys entering 1st grade, 3rd grade, and Form I. Please send it to your son’s dentist today. It is due on Oct. 31.
Read this FAQ for more details. 

How to submit your forms

We regret that we cannot accept Health Forms by email or fax. Please mail the forms directly to School Health Services at the school address listed on the bottom of each form.