A Diverse Community


Learning takes place best within the context of a vibrant, cohesive, supportive, and diverse community.

The importance of diversity in education
We believe that a diverse and inclusive community is the best learning environment for students, and prepares our boys for the world they will face upon graduation. Haverford expects a community in which a diverse population can live and work in an atmosphere of trust, understanding, appreciation, and mutual respect for each individual. We reject all prejudices, particularly those based on race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, learning styles, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

The tabs below offer an overview of how we foster diversity and community each division and among our faculty and staff.

Lower School

Haverford’s Lower School focuses on inclusion and self-discovery. Our youngest students grow to understand themselves, their community, and their world through assemblies, curriculum, and outside presenters. Essential questions centered around diversity are discussed throughout this division as our youngest members of the community learn to value different cultures, ideas, and perspectives. From the classroom to recess, students work to better understand themselves and their positive role in the world.



An Upper School reflection: Voices from the community
As a result of recent events in Ferguson, New York City, and around our country, we took advantage of an opportunity to educate our community here at Haverford. Watch and listen to student and faculty reflections, each read not by the author of the piece, but by another member of our community, to help us appreciate and understand our brothers’ lives.

Avery earns Teaching Tolerance Award
Steppingstone Scholars Director of Programs and former Director of Community and eighth grade World Cultures teacher at Haverford, Christopher Avery engages students intellectually and encourages them to think along social justice lines.
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Severinghaus Scholars Global Programs
Shaoran Sun reflects on his experiences as an exchange student at Haverford in 2010-11.


Steppingstone Scholars Program
Haverford School alumnus Tim Spady '07 was featured on NBC10! (Video hosted by IMPACT on Vimeo.)


Donta Evans 
Director of Admissions and Community Relations
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Community Impact

Just as we believe our students should be caring and compassionate members of our School community, we believe that our School should play an active role in the community at large. Learn more about the ways in which we engage and support our community.